A brief introduction to our goals and work at Minties Children’s Home in Vilnius

Our partnership with Minties Children’s Home began in the fall of 2014. Our work began by visiting the children from group three with the goal of developing trust and friendships. Our team of volunteers consists of about 20 youth and adults in Vilnius. We are very pleased that so many of our youth have a desire to help in the midst of their busy academic schedules. Our team also includes Judith Wampler, or Grandma Judi, from the United States.
We began visiting Wednesday afternoons for a couple of hours. We spent our time together playing table games, reading, helping with their homework, working on handcrafts and teaching English language lessons. We have also been able to organize special educational excursions into Vilnius and have been able to host special celebrations at the Children’s Home during the holidays.
Our primary goals for the children we help in Minties Children’s Home are to develop friendships and teach basic social skills in order to help prepare them for life. We are focusing on developing the following life skills: learning basic cooking skills, developing proper study habits, reading, handcrafts, English language studies, and developing social skills and team work through games and other team building activities. We hope not only to meet their social needs through these activities, but also address their emotional and spiritual needs as we co-work with them and develop personal friendships.
Jurate Navikiene along with her daughter, Emilija, have begun teaching cooking classes every Wednesday. They share the responsibilities of cooking a meal together and also discuss proper health and nutrition and how to prepare a family budget. We believe every child should learn the joy of cooking and be informed about the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Jurate’s vision is to create a comfortable family environment where they all work together to prepare and eat a meal and clean up afterward. The children have enjoyed these times and eagerly look forward to these lessons.

Utenos Children’s Home

In the summer 2014 we became acquainted with the Children’s Home located in the city of Utena. There are currently 24 children living there. We have begun visiting every other month and have had the opportunity of visiting during Christmas, Easter, and other holidays. During each of these visits we have had the opportunity to prepare a special program that included games, snacks and other fun activities. The children have cherished these times we have spent together.
We are also very happy to announce that we will be organizing a day camp this summer!
We are extremely thankful for our team of volunteers and sponsors whose help and sacrificial giving have made our vision to help and be together with these children.

We invite you to join us as we continue to serve the needs of these special children in Lithuania!