Summer 2015 Day Camps

While working together with Vilnius Minties Children’s Home and Utenos Children’s Home, we saw great need to make everyday life more cheerful for children during the summer holidays. Once or few times a year children go for vacations to the sea or lake. Children have opportunity to leave their usual place at least for a while, and enjoy their outing. Taking into consideration teachers and children requests, second year in a row during the summer time we organize 4 days camps at the Children’s Home..
We work together with 10 volunteers’ team from USA, which comes to Lithuania in August. Children listen to stories that teach a lesson, sing songs, do crafts, play sports games, and taste different country cuisines. It is rest, fun, sports and meeting another culture time. Most important children receive warmth, attention and many, many good memories. When time comes to say goodbye we all cry: guests, children and workers. It is a great gift for all of us.

Day camps are wanted all year round, during the summer they are irreplaceable entertainment for the children that live in Children’s Home ;)
This summer we will have 3 day camps:
Vilniaus Minties Children’s Home – August 10-14. (49 children participating)
Utenos Children’s Home – August 17 – 20. In the mornings (24 children participating)
Utenos district, Pačkėnų village, community center – August 17 – 20 d. In the evenings (20 – 30 children participating from socially supported families)

We are asking you to join work of these day camps. All support received will be used to buy crafts, food and treats, prizes, memory gifts.